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EngNet Connect

This Is How We Connect Your Company To More Customers

Engineering Network and Industry Partners

EngNet and our partners represent an engineering, manufacturing and industrial audience of around 2 million. EngNet gets your company direct access to this audience and increases visitors to your company. In addition, we provide you with SEO boosting links that will increase your own search engine positions.

Search Marketing, SEO and PPC

Search marketing offers the benefits of targeting and timing. You can target the right buyers at the time they are looking for your products/services. The CONNECT package gets you found when industry buyers are looking. Also, we give your own website a ranking boost. PPC is only effective when matching the Search Term, Ad and Landing Page. EngNet CONNECT targets search terms, creates ads and landing pages for best conversion.

Industry News and PR

We write articles related to your products that are interesting to a broad engineering audience. This strategy has generated substantial visitors for specific products. One of our companies received 5 RFQs and 7 phone calls from one article in one day. This particular article continues to deliver visitors to our client's website to this day. These articles appear on EngNet News and Industry Tap.

Email and Social Media Marketing

With our email marketing we include your article and distribute it to over 130,000 industry email addresses. Our emails are full of interesting information that industry people enjoy reading. We avoid boring product news. If you have a typical product news article, we will rewrite as an industry application and then link it to your product.

Social media for an industrial marketplace has been interesting. Not many companies are able to generate business from it. This is changing, and we have been able to generate social media reach of over 250,000 people. We are seeing thousands of visitors a month from our social media channels to EngNet and Industry Tap. With our social media we have seen our search engine results increase as well as direct targeted visitors.

8 Proven Strategies
  • EngNet Marketing Package - We’ve been building a buyer and supplier network for 15 years.
  • Industry Partners - We’ve partnered with companies that have an industry audience.
  • Email Marketing - Reach an engaged industry audience.
  • Engineering Tools - Engineering tools to engage engineers.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Search engines are a great way to attract targeted buyers.
  • Pay-Per-Click - Experienced marketers with a focus on industry.
  • Industry Social Media - Social media channels with a dedicated industry audience.
  • Industry News and PR - Exciting engineering, industry innovation and manufacturing marvels.
Discover EngNet's All-in-one sales and marketing built exclusively for engineering, manufacturing and industrial companies.

Whether your business sells to OEM’s, MRO’s, resellers, technical buyers, plant managers or with a sales team. The fastest way to discover what EngNet can do for your business is to watch a quick product demonstration video.

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